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Ivory Tower Project

The Ivory Tower Project is a new breed of "old school" rockers. For those who love the 'retro' sound of Classic Rock...



The Ivory Tower Project (ITP) is the current release from veteran songwriters of the NY music scene: John Jace and Mark Regula. Veteran NYC guitarist: Tony Novarro was recruited - and Novarro & Regula formed the core of the ITP. As band members left, they were replaced by the NY Metro area's finest studio musicians, which transcended ITP from being a band, into a Project. Currently ITP has recruited a new rhythm section, and is working back into being a band.


Guerrilla Records signs ITP

In 2000 Guerrilla Records signs the ITP, and releases their first single: "My Name"  on MP3 and other on line music web sites. "My Name"  tops the MP3 Classic Rock charts at #6 and hits the Top 10 Charts on Broadjam.com, and also on Soundclick.com. For more information, please visit the official ITP web site by clicking on the link below...


For free audio sample clips...

Please visit our retail website at CD Street.com. There you can listen to free audio clips of the songs on "Red Hot". View artist and product reviews from the press, and write your own review of "Red Hot". Please click on the link below...


Red Hot

At the end of 2001, Guerrilla Records reissued ITP's signature single: "My Name" along with three additional radio edited songs on a 4 song EP entitled: "Red Hot". In 2003 "Red Hot"  was released internationally, and has received rave reviews and airplay on over 200 radio stations in 21 countries worldwide. The single: "Burning"  hit #1 on MP3Songs:  Adult Contemporary Rock Chart both in the USA and the England. To view all of our on-line retail web sites, please see our Purchase Page.


"Burning" has also been featured on several compilation albums:

1) USA - WSVN Radio Hall of Fame - Vol. 6

2) Germany - Munich's Hardest Hits - "Melodic Rock is Back": Vol. 5.

3) Australia - Floccinaucinihilipilification: A Cumbersome Records Sampler #2.

4) USA - Music 2 Reel - The Reel Sound of Music



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