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Welcome to Guerrilla Records!

A local Independent Label with a global presence! Guerrilla Records is an artist-owned indie record label that started four years ago in Winter Haven Florida. The founders of Guerrilla Records saw that the major labels had no interest, and saw no potential in the Classic Retro Rock sound of the 70's and the 80's. The days when retro sound of AOR, Melodic Rock, Power Pop sound ruled the air waves. Those days are now but a memory, but what great music came from that era!   

Guerrilla Tactics...

Knowing that the Classic Rock sound had it's place in history, Guerrilla Records knew that there is a future for it as well. There is a substantial market and demographic that is still interested in hearing and buying 'new' music in this genre, and it wasn't just for those 30-40 years and older. So Guerrilla Records went 'behind the lines' and campaigned around the globe to locate it's market, and found it.



We have moved...

We have recently moved our location to New York, so please use the contact information located on this site. Please check our site often for updates.


Guerrilla Records Welcomes you...


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